The entrepreneur's evolution.


Savage to Sage talks with Kristen Nunery about how stated company values can differ from actionable company values and how she has built the culture of her team around her 5 actionable values.


Entrepreneurs are rockets trying to break the gravitational pull of limitations.

Savage to Sage explores the journey of entrepreneurs, revealing insights, breakthroughs, and practices that helped them evolve into the leader they have become.

In tracking many of these stories, three characteristics have emerged of entrepreneurs who have evolved into sage status.

Checking your Ego. Continued hustle (the savage state) isn’t sustainable. Is making millions worth the cost to your health and relationships? Thriving requires personal work to move above the ego, moving toward a balance that fosters success while embracing the recharging moments.

Multiplication. Liz Wiseman wisely pointed out in "Multipliers" that the best leaders drop their ego's focus on individual success and instead invest their best energies into building their team. These entrepreneurs help their team members identify their inner strengths and unleash these for their good and the good of the company.

Intentional Culture Shaping. Sages intentionally shape company cultures for their teams to thrive as humans and succeed in business. Their values are not only a list created for a website or a poster on their office wall but are measured in daily behaviors and embraced by every team member. This type of culture finds creative ways to celebrate values being lived out by team members and constructively address when they are not.

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